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Bottoming & Topping: TSDee prefers being “the girl” she is fanatically clean for you to do her as many times as you like!

August 9

Bottoming TSDee loves being the girl.  That is why she became a transgender women.  Her sexual preference is being on the bottom however, yes, she can top.  Being penetrated makes her feel like a women and validates her femininity.  She is fanatical about being clean both internally as well as externally.  She insists upon a […]

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Fantasy Sex: You pick…amazon, babysitter, neighbor, slut, favorite teacher, gladiator, secretary, play dead, role-play!

August 8

Fantasy Fantasy sex becomes reality with shemale Glamazon Dee. Whispered Erotic Fantasies Fantasy sex is one of TSDee’s favorite specialties. Her whispered erotic suggestive fantasies could include: your secretary being interviewed for ALL of your duties; your new baby sitter who wears short skirts and no panties; your favorite female teacher who always wore nylon […]

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Assertiveness and Control: Lady D aka TSDee not your average femme fital control discipline & servitude but horny!

August 7

Assertiveness and Control What is Assertiveness? Many do not realize that sexual assertiveness differs vastly from domination.  Assertiveness has nothing to do with being pushy, aggressive or demanding.  If you schedule a time with TSDee to experience sexual assertiveness, you get a sexy and sultry t-girl that uses a stern yet gentle manner to achieve […]

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Mature TransWoman: Relive the fantasy you had of the mature women, teacher, aunt, neighbor when you were young.

August 6

(Click image for full size) MATURE TRANSWOMAN Why a Mature Transwoman? Some men prefer a more refined and mature transwomen such as Dee.  Dee brings a sense of maturity and confidence into every aspect of intimacy.   As a mature transgendered woman, Dee has more experience with men (and in many cases, with other women) and […]

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The Landlady nympho trans MILF seduces one of her all male 6-plex tenants. She collects rent….daily from all!

August 5

This is my blog about all my adventures as the nympho landlady to rents her small six-plex apartment building and her own personal lavish sex suite to eager men. I collect the rent daily!!!!  

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