Bottoming & Topping: TSDee prefers being “the girl” she is fanatically clean for you to do her as many times as you like!

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TSDee loves being the girl.  That is why she became a transgender women.  Her sexual preference is being on the bottom however, yes, she can top.  Being penetrated makes her feel like a women and validates her femininity.  She is fanatical about being clean both internally as well as externally.  She insists upon a medical standard of cleanliness before every customer.  She is completely shaved, and has her anal skin bleached to make sure she is as soft and clean as a newborn baby’s bum.  She has even had cosmetic enhancements to make sure you are looking at a flawless rosebud and area around her anus.  If you are interested in flavors she has minty, coconut or chocolate flavors available to entice your taste buds.

Transsexual Dee has a potty chair.  It is one of her favorite pieces of equipment and you can see her on it on her exclusive YouTube channel – TSDeeTV.  While this short video is suited to a more general audience with no nudity, you can let your imagination run wild with what you can do to her laying under her.  She also loves her toys; a large 12″ double-headed dildo, cucumbers and has various sphincter suckers to pull out her perfect rosebud lips.  Yes, she loves having her puckering rosebud sucked and fucked and wants you to talk to her dirty to her when you are fucking her!


As far as taking the superior position “Lady Superior Dee” can deliver.  When fully erect, her over-sized “Mangina”  can scare off many an eager first-timer, but definitely, she is “up” to the job.  She is always modest about her size and never  stretches (no pun intended) the truth about the length of her member, as do many of her competitors.  She will tell you it is above average yet almost all of her customers will agree that she is bigger than average.  Many turn down being penetrated by her once they actually see her size.

She loves wearing cock and ball rings which she has used since she was a teenager.  The rings enhance her generous size but never restrict her or prevent her from orgasm.


If you are considering being topped by this giant of a women, please note that she herself expects the same degree of external and internal cleanliness from you that she maintains for herself, namely, douching prior to your visit.  If you have never douched before or need to know how, she does provide enema training that is very professional, easy to understand, do and is very thorough.  An additional 15 min and $50 is added to her $300 topping fee for this service.

If you are going to arrive “clean internally”, she will ask that you demonstrate your cleanliness by performing a quick test on yourself to make sure you are.   She reserves the right not to go there if she suspects that you are not clean. If you still want to proceed, as part of her preperation she will prep you with one of her strap-ons to make sure you can take her.  She  needs to ensure your adequate dilation before she will enter you.

Sounds professional and unlike all the others?  You bet!  That is why she is on of The Top Shemales in Canada.