Assertiveness and Control: Lady D aka TSDee not your average femme fital control discipline & servitude but horny!

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Assertiveness and Control

What is Assertiveness?

Many do not realize that sexual assertiveness differs vastly from domination.  Assertiveness has nothing to do with being pushy, aggressive or demanding.  If you schedule a time with TSDee to experience sexual assertiveness, you get a sexy and sultry t-girl that uses a stern yet gentle manner to achieve sensual pleasure.  A firm and sexy push makes you comply to TSDee’s whim to have you lay back so that she can have her way with you.  A stern command to have you kneel before her to do as she firmly tells you.  All this is assertiveness.

 Sexual Control

The more men that are the decision makers in their jobs, the more often they just want to give up that type of control and be told what to do every step of the way when it comes to sexual pleasure.  Let Toronto’s top shemale take control as she whispers and guides when and how every step of the way.  All you have to do is listen and comply.  Rest assured that T-girl Dee will never ask you to do anything that you are not comfortable with.

Interested in trying this?  This can be conducted in person, via SKYPE or via LIVE SEX CAM.  Book an appointment today for Assertiveness and Control.

Curious?  Leave a comment below and let us know how YOU would like to be sexually controlled.