Mature TransWoman: Relive the fantasy you had of the mature women, teacher, aunt, neighbor when you were young.

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Why a Mature Transwoman?

Some men prefer a more refined and mature transwomen such as Dee.  Dee brings a sense of maturity and confidence into every aspect of intimacy.   As a mature transgendered woman, Dee has more experience with men (and in many cases, with other women) and is more stable compared with her younger counterparts.   Men simply feel more comfortable with Dee.  Many often comment that the younger t-girls tend to be a little more fickle minded and do not want to spend any time.  It’s all business and out the door.  As a more mature tgirl, Dee knows and understands what men want and is happy to spend quality time with her clients.

Life Experience

Dee has had a full and rich life to date and will continue to engage in what she loves.  When she was married and supporting her family, she was a customer representative in the aviation industry.   She understands and practices great customer service.   She values her clients and is an icon of grace and kindness.  She treats everyone with dignity and respect.

Mature vs. Younger

Escorting is a fickle industry with competitive shemales who point fingers at their competitors, trying to sway their clients to stay away from whomever they consider their competition.  Shemales, by their very nature, are generally very narcissistic.  Dee does not engage in any of that.   She considers life too short and wants to make the most out of every moment, including the moment she spends with clients.

Dee has had many first hand accounts of clients telling her that the younger trans-women escorts are strictly business.   They watch the clock and try to “hurry the deed along”.  Dee is not at all like that.  As a matter of fact, if you go to Dee’s Rates page, you will see that even her concept of pricing is geared with the client in mind.  Her approach is  “how much do you want to spend for the amount of fun you want to have?”

Please feel free to leave a comment and tell us about some of your less than desirable experiences with other escorts.  No names please.  Remember, TSDee does not engage in bashing the competition.