Fantasy Sex: You pick…amazon, babysitter, neighbor, slut, favorite teacher, gladiator, secretary, play dead, role-play!

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Fantasy sex becomes reality with shemale Glamazon Dee.

Whispered Erotic Fantasies

Fantasy sex is one of TSDee’s favorite specialties. Her whispered erotic suggestive fantasies could include: your secretary being interviewed for ALL of your duties; your new baby sitter who wears short skirts and no panties; your favorite female teacher who always wore nylon stockings with a back seam and garters to class and would sit with her blouse open just enough to see her erect nipples; or maybe,  your naughty auntie who was just widowed and lonely for her favorite nephew to come by for dinner and more…  OR… how would you like to be overtaken by an ultimate Trans Amazon warrior/gladiator?  History has shown that they existed.

Close Your Eyes

This sultry trans-woman could entice you to do things that you have never done or thought of doing before.  Close your eyes and let Dee convince you that she can become any of these women for you! Her fantasy technique is very professional, effective and very convincing.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell where fantasy ends and reality begins.

What would your fantasy be if you had the chance to live it out?  Why not leave a comment?