Domination: I expect total servitude. Only serious & generous apply!

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Mistress Dee dressed for domination with her whip

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Who is in Control?

Domination means giving up every aspect of control to Mistress Dee.  What YOU desire DOES NOT MATTER in the very least to Mistress Dee.  It is all about pleasing Mistress.  Sexual pleasure is NOT a part of domination.  Sometimes there may be small rewards but they are hard earned.  Physical contact is not necessary and domination can be conducted over the phone, via email or live sex cam.  Surprisingly, many men that are in positions of wealth and power frequently request this service.  They are tired of being in control and just want to be told what to do, how to do it and when.  When done by someone as practiced as Mistress Dee, domination becomes very erotic and can be very powerful.

A word for the women and couples…

Dee loves dominating women…  Domination is not gender specific so if you have ever been curious about any aspect of domination, please do not hesitate to contact Mistress Dee, whether to book an appointment or to simply ask questions.  Also, if any men know of any women who have expressed an interest in trying this, please direct them to Mistress Dee.   She is also happy to work with couples.

What Can you Expect in Domination?

In domination, you may expect any of the following:  breast or cock bondage; cages; ball gags; blindfolds; hand cuffs and/or other restraints; ankle restraints; humiliation; spanking; sissification; anal plugs; vibrators; being objectified and put on display for others; water sports; punishment; riding crops; flogging; fisting; strap-on; the list goes on.  If this arouses you, then ask for domination.  Boundaries and safe words are expected and respected by Shemale Mistress Dee.  If you don’t know what that is, then either find out or don’t ask for this service!!



flogger, handcuffs, blindfold, restraints for domination