Traveling Companion: TSDee makes the perfect traveling companion a classy sexy lady by day, nympho at night

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A Different Option for a Traveling Companion

Do you have a job that stresses you out?  Do you need a change?  Do you feel like you just want to get away?  Want to have a little naughty fun?  How about a new adventure?  Consider Lady Dee as a traveling companion.   Dee has a valid passport and is available for travel by pre-arrangement*.   Guaranteed to lower your stress level, try something new and exciting with one of Canada’s top shemales.

How Will We Present?

You will present as a normal couple going on vacation.  Dee is very passable and has been a traveling companion on  “straight” cruises before.  She always has a great time and was always treated with dignity and respect by others on the cruise, both staff and fellow travelers.   No reason to feel uncomfortable.   She is a gracious hostess to her companion and will spoil you with her “luv, lust and laughs”.

 Transgender Friendly

If you are still a little uncomfortable with the whole passable scenario, there are many transgender friendly options to consider.   There are conferences all over the U.S. for transgenders and their partners.  Here you will find group outings that you can join or participate in.  These conferences attract cross-dressers, transgenders and the people that love them from all over Canada and the U.S.

If that does not appeal to you, a transgender cruise has been booked through Royal Carribean Cruise lines whereby a block of rooms have been reserved specifically for this event on their Navigator of the Seas ship.   It is scheduled to set  sail out of Galveston, TX on December 14, 2014.    There will be plenty of shows with Female Impersonators and a Miss Diva contest and other TS friendly events.

The are more choices than what is listed in here.   There are plenty of clubs and spas to visit in Dee’s hometown of Toronto, Canada.

 What does Pre-Arrangement Mean?

For security reasons, Dee must meet you a few times in an informal setting like dinner or the theatre to determine compatibility.   A week long cruise is a long time so for both parties traveling, it is important to ensure that you get along and like the same things.   Also, at this point, expectations can be discussed and planned.

Does this intrigue you?  Feel free to comment or if you know of some transgender friendly travel options, we would love to hear about them!


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