Forced Feminization: TSDee submits to being feminized & owned by submitting to her Femme Dom as her pleasure toy.

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What is Forced Feminization?

Lady Dee is a master at forced feminization, a role-play scenario wherein the man is subjected to wearing women’s undergarments, clothes, wigs, make-up and nail polish.  It can be compared to cross-dressing but with a submissive male being guided with, in this case, an assertive transwoman.  Once dressed, the male sub is then required to perform traditionally female tasks and behaviours such as sitting with his(her) legs crossed and walking or acting in a feminine manner.  Sometimes they may be forced to wear a french maid outfit and be directed to use the feather duster wherever Lady Dee directs.

Great Intro to Cross Dressing

Forced feminization is guaranteed fun for those who have often thought about cross-dressing but weren’t sure where to start – this can be an excellent and playful introduction.  Sometimes the man’s gentle resistance with Lady Dee’s assertiveness can create results that may be a little garish, but that is all part of the fun and role-play.

What Comes Next

Would you like to be Lady Dee’s next Sissy Slut? You know you want to… book your appointment today for a new experience and be sure to specify that you want forced feminization.  Use the Contact tab that appears at the bottom right of this page to schedule a time.



An array of make-up to play with in forced feminization